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What's New at vinSuite

Features and Updates to vinSUITE/eWinery and TabletPOS!

At vinSUITE, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our product with features and updates. Over the last three months, we have had three releases for vinSUITE/eWinery and TabletPOS. Our goal is to help you sell wine by making it easier.

eCommerce Websites


  • Once logged into their account on the website, members can add, update, and edit credit cards themselves!
  • Website customers can easily toggle back to Will Call after choosing to ship their order.
  • To help guide customers towards safer and more secure passwords, we've added a password strength meter everywhere a new password is required on your website.
  • Website prompt at checkout to overwrite billing and shipping address.
  • Website customers are notified of potential mistakes with their credit card entry before their order is processed.
  • For accuracy, the left navigation panel in website stores has been updated to display the parent store category as the title, instead of the sub-category.
  • Warning and removal of non-compliant kits in cart based on states at checkout.
  • The kit will not display if the product in a kit becomes inactive or out of inventory.

vinSUITE Admin Panel


  • Websites will benefit from greater security with the newest version of jQuery.
  • The Location Finder on websites was updated for a more streamlined look.
  • Allocation customers will have greater flexibility with their shipping states choices at checkout.
  • An alert will notify Allocation customers that their cart will be cleared if they return to their allocation list.
  • We adjusted the printing alignment in the vinSUITE OMS to make your receipts look more professional.

vinSUITE and eWinery


  • Wine club members can be placed on hold at sign-up.
  • ShipCompliant GetTax Rate update – We reconfigured the GetTaxRate call without the compliance check to ensure accurate rates and prevent unnecessary quarantines.



  • Rounding calculations are more accurate with Quick Discounts.
  • Color-corrected the tone on printed receipts.
Note: This was a change in the code and will not require an App update.

eWinery Admin Panel


  • You can now navigate around all the Settings tabs without errors when Cart Clearing is enabled.

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