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Wine Club Symposium

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Discover strategies to drive growth, retain memberships, and enhance experiences for your wine club through three dynamic panels led by industry experts.


  1. 9:00am Opening remarks with Jason Curtis

    Embark on a thought-provoking exploration of the wine club industry's landscape in this engaging opening statement. Discover the profound impact of wine club data and AI, unveiling invaluable insights that can reshape the future of your winery.

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  2. 9:30am Creative Approaches to Attracting New Wine Club Memberships with Cathy Huyghe and Christian Ahlmann

    Explore groundbreaking tactics that captivate and engage wine enthusiasts, attracting new members to your club while driving unprecedented growth. Discover imaginative marketing approaches and expand your membership base like never before.

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  3. 10:30am Crafting Memorable Wine Club Experiences: Tips and Tricks with Jen Sims and Stefanie Longton

    Master the art of creating extraordinary experiences for your wine club members. Dive into the secrets of designing unique tastings, exclusive events, and personalized perks that leave a lasting impact. Elevate member satisfaction, foster loyalty, and set your winery apart with unforgettable wine club experiences.

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  4. 11:30am Boosting Your Wine Club Revenue: Effective Tactics with Jennie Gilbert, Vanessa Bazzani, and Tiffany Salinas

    Unlock the revenue potential of your wine club with battle-tested strategies. From targeted promotions to retention techniques, explore how to optimize sales and drive long-term profitability. Harness the power of data analysis, and customer segmentation to supercharge your wine club revenue.

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  5. 12:20am Closing Remarks

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Cathy Huyghe
Co-founder Enolytics
Creative Approaches to Attracting New Wine Club Memberships
Christian Ahlmann
President Six Sigma Winery
Creative Approaches to Attracting New Wine Club Memberships
Stefanie Longton
General Manager Bennett Lane Winery
Crafting Memorable Wine Club Experiences
Jen Sims
Senior Director, Winery Account Management WineShipping
Crafting Memorable Wine Club Experiences
Jennie Gilbert
Founder RedChirp
Boosting Your Wine Club Revenue
Vanessa Bazzani
Direct to Consumer Sales Manager Bergstrom Wines
Boosting Your Wine Club Revenue
Tiffany Salinas
Wine Club Manager Opolo Vineyards
Boosting Your Wine Club Revenue
Jason Curtis
President at vinSUITE/Orion Wine Software
Opening/Closing Remarks


vinSUITE is a leading provider of direct-to-consumer (DTC) software, offering a suite of solutions that includes wine club management, point of sale, and eCommerce. Our software is tailored to meet the unique needs of the wine industry, empowering wineries with the tools and support they need to thrive in a highly competitive market. With a comprehensive range of features and integrations, vinSUITE is dedicated to equipping wineries with the resources they need to achieve success.


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