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How to Sell More Wine on Cyber Monday (Part 2)
Yesterday we talked about some super awesome deals, promotions and discount ideas to help you sell more wine on Cyber Monday. Hopefully we got the creativity flowing, and now you’re all set to wow your customers!

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to do, let’s talk about how to do it.

Get The Word Out!

Start promoting your Cyber Monday deals as soon as possible. Pull your team together and brainstorm a list of ways you can make sure the whole world knows about your awesome Cyber Monday deals, and create a checklist. vinSUITE has an awesome email marketing feature that will help you do this. Here are some more ideas to help get you started:

1. Segment Your List

Hey, you know that built-in tool called List Builder? It’s perfect for this! You can easily segment your contact lists to send a targeted message to the right folks. For example, make sure your club members know about your wine club gift promotion—if they’re currently a happy member, they’ll be most likely to buy a membership for a friend. Or, create a list of customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. What about your top-spenders? Or your case-buyers?

2. Tailor Your Messaging

Now that you’ve created different lists to send your emails to, you can start to think through the messaging. Rather than sending a blanket email to everyone, take advantage of the opportunity by customizing an email for each customer group.

Using that list of customers who haven’t purchased in a while, your message can say something specific about how you miss them and it’s the perfect time to make a purchase. Or, if you want to get sassy, you can make a joke about how you only see your family at Thanksgiving and Christmas (wah-ha-ha!) For your top-spenders, let them know that you’re “Thankful” for their business, and offering them a special Cyber Monday discount. Tell your case-buyers that you have a special holiday case that they’ll love. You get the idea…

3. Put it On Repeat

One message is not enough. We highly recommend sending your email at least three times to get your customers to take action. Instead of sending the same email over and over again, however, get creative! How can you say the same thing, three different ways? Mix it up and make each email more exciting than the last.

4. Capture Every Basket of Money

If you remember from the Cart Abandonment piece we did a while back, approximately 70% of online shoppers leave their shopping cart full of wine and never check out. Plan ahead for this, and make sure that you’re also promoting your deals during Cyber Monday when your customers are shopping other places.

Set up Abandoned Cart Recovery emails to include a reminder about your awesome deals! Definitely include an “expiration date” and be clear about what the deal is, and how long they have to claim it.

There are lots of awesome ways email marketing can help you get the word out, and for more tips on how to use vinSUITE’s email marketing tools, check out this webinar recording from earlier this year.

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